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Did you know that Argentina is ranked second when it comes to receiving more foreign tourists in South America? The country has plenty to offer: cosmopolitan cities, geographical wonders, wine regions, archaeological ruins, evidence of Palaeolithic art… In Bodega Argento’s blog, you can discover the best places to visit in Argentina. Collaborators coming from different countries in the world and based in Argentina will give you advice and recommendation so you can enjoy your trip to the maximum. The majority of the visits to Argentina usually begin in the capital, Buenos Aires, which has been selected as the eight preferred destination in the world by Trip Advisor. Buenos Aires offers a vast cultural and recreational offer with numerous museums, theatres –Colón Theatre is the most important one– and cafés and bars where you can see tango shows. Do not miss the opportunity to walk around its historical city centre –with the Monserrat and San Telmo neighbourhoods–, visit the Casa Rosada, go down Mayo Avenue and the Manzana de las Luces and go into the stately neighbourhood of Recoleta and into the modern neighbourhood of Puerto Madero. You can also discover the best restaurants and hotels in the city and you will have the opportunity to visit the most charming villages within the surroundings. Travel to the province of Córdoba, which has an intense cultural, commercial and university life and discover the Jesuit Missions of the Guaranis –recognised as a World Heritage Site. Travel to the end of the world –Patagonia, the Land of Fire– and let yourself wonder by the Patagonian Ice Field –the third largest ice extension after the poles– and by the famous Perito Moreno glacier –which is 60 metres high and 5 kilometres long. You can also discover the waterfalls at the Igauzu National Park, the Quebrada de Humahuaca or the Rio Grande basin, the cave paintings at the Cueva de las Manos at the Pinturas River and the archaeological sites at the Ischigualasto Provincial Park. But not only that, you can also visit the Andes mountain range –the highest range in the Continent– where you can practice mountain sports such as trekking or skiing. Do not forget to steep yourself in the wine culture of the province of Mendoza –the second most visited region in Argentina–, where you can walk round vineyards, see the wine production process by yourself and stay at rural inns and wineries. Bodega Argento’s blog also gives you ideas to make presents and take a souvenir to your loved ones, such as wine, olive oil or rubber knives. It also suggests other activities like horse rides and one-day trips to discover the less known corners in the country.

Welcome to Morfilandia

Rich pickings are easy to find in Argentine Patagonia. Prawns from Chubut’s waters, succulent lamb from both the Andean and coastal regions, fresh spider crab and toothfish from the depths of the southern Atlantic, smoked trout from the Lake District, and there’s even wine from Río Negro and Neuquén… And, as appetite demands, a brand-new food fest – Morfilandia, Kermesse de Sabores, which translates as Grubland, Flavours Bazaar – shook up a farm located between Trelew and Rawson, Chubut province, in November 14th and 15th.

December 11th, 2015

Musings on La Noche de los Museos

A personal fave in the Porteño calendar, La Noche de los Museos sees museums and cultural spaces opening their doors to hungry culture vultures seeking their fix. And true to Argentine tradition, it goes on late. But feelings of twitchy excitement quickly got overrun with plain bamboozled delirium as I scrolled through the epically long list of 222 venues to choose from.

November 10th, 2015

Food shopping guide to Barrio Chino

Desperately seeking Sriracha or sweet chili sauce? Got a taste for tahini or fresh sushi rolls? Barrio Chino in Belgrano has the answer. Buenos Aires’ Chinatown gives you a greater variety of spicy, herby and healthy ingredients and products in two short blocks than you’ll find anywhere else in the city – you’ll even find peanut butter. Local dieteticas, Disco and Jumbo may match you a few of your food cravings but if you want to fill a basket to bursting and still walk out feeling like you should have bought more, Chinatown is your barrio. Tingling taste bud-heaven for foodies. Here’s where to go.

November 8th, 2015

The Botanical Gardens – Buenos Aires’ chic alternative to Palermo

One such area, characterized by its close proximity to Palermo, has been dubbed Palermo Zoo, Botanico and even Palermo VIP. This upscale leafy BA neighborhood has seen a boom in new restaurants and delis and a plethora of independent boutiques and private showrooms opening up in the last couple of years.

October 5th, 2015

The Hottest Trends from the BA Catwalks for Spring/Summer 2015

Spring has officially sprung in Buenos Aires and the winter layers are finally being ditched in favour of something lighter in the sartorial department. During the city’s fashion weeks (namely BAF Week and Designers BA) that took place earlier this month and last, the city’s local designers declared what’s hot to wear this spring / summer (unlike other fashion weeks around the world that are one step ahead, Argentina’s designers and brands work in line with the season). Sophie Lloyd rounds up the key trends for Spring/Summer 2015 from BA’s runways.

September 29th, 2015

Patagonia through the photographers lens

Río Senguer (river). Photo by Florian von der Fecht

In his forthcoming exhibition, Ruta a Lago la Plata, Argentine photographer Florian von der Fecht shows why there’s something to shout about down South… The Landscape of a Life’s Work… Florian von der Fecht’s photos speak of the immenseness of Argentina, its vast, untamed and unpopulated regions. Becoming ambassadors in their own right, his photos…

September 8th, 2015

Clo Clo restaurant. A classy timeless tradition in Buenos Aires

Photo by Fabricio Portelli

There are many ways to experience a great city like Buenos Aires. Undoubtedly, tasting its cuisine is one of them. For sure you cannot be eating and drinking all day. So for tourists from here and there who love great food, planning the trip is basic. Walking the city is all about senses and Buenos…

August 24th, 2015

Green is the new black

Photo by Urban Biking

The Real Argentina guide to tourism that gives a little back Travelling is a beautiful thing but all that backpack country hopping from one tick list to another, can start to blur the senses and feel an incy bit gluttonous. Venturing in countries with an acute poverty divide pulls on more than your purse strings…

August 21st, 2015

Day Trips from Buenos Aires: Five Tiny Towns to Explore

Cuando el ruido de la ciudad te esté ensordeciendo, agarrá termo y mate y escapate a la región pampeana. En la provincia de Buenos Aires hay más de 20 pueblos turísticos, como le gusta llamarlos a la Secretaría de Turismo de Buenos Aires, aunque son destinos no tan “trillados, más bien lugares vivos que respiran, auténticos, que alardean vistas ventosas, casas coloniales y hasta cerveza artesanal. Todos en un radio de 150 km desde Buenos Aires, estos diminutos pueblos son ideales para una escapada y “recargar pilas” con el canto de los pájaros como único sonido que acompañe.

July 23rd, 2015

Inside Argentina: A Guide to Discover Rosario

Monumento Nacional a la Bandera

In Rosario the Río Paraná dominates the urban landscape, its tea-brown waters setting the scene for riverside dining, drinking, strolling, and chilling out on peaceful river islands. While Buenos Aires bursts with capital city pride, Rosario paddles its feet in the water….

May 26th, 2015