Caseros Avenue: the gastronomical place to go in San Telmo.

The Caseros Avenue is one of the prettiest streets in Buenos Aires. It started by being a place where the rich would have their weekend homes, later they moved and the immigrants came. It is named after one of the bloodiest battles in Argentine history, between unitarios and federales. One can still see a museum that initiates the avenue, and some of the beautiful buildings which hold a great deal of good restaurants in just one bit of the city.

Club Social Deluxe

A Parisian bistro look-a-like. The food is great, the servers are kind enough and very apologetic. Go for drinks, a bite to eat, and people watching.

Photo by Club Social Deluxe

Located in Avenida Caseros 442.

Hierba Buena

The ambiance is great, happy and very colorful. The menu is mostly vegetarian, you may find a little fish but no meat and there is no loss. Terrific mushroom burger with tomato, red onions, avocado and homemade pickles. As there is no coke or similar, so the lemonades are a must: Passion fruit and strawberry, red berries and many others. This is one of the places you veggie heads will get your wheatgrass and chia smoothie fix.

Hierba Buena Limonadas – photo by Hierba Buena

And, good news! They opened a deli just next door, with fresh pastries, bread, jams, some organic produce and other wonders!

Located in Avenida Caseros 454.


The superstar of this little street. Honest and straightforward cooking, fresh ingredients and good portions. You won’t go hungry here. The meat, fish and pasta are the stars of the show. The decor is just as the food, simple with some tricks, big windows that fill the space with light, white walls with vintage wood panels, and retro furniture.

Caseros by Vero Mariani

Located in Avenida Caseros 486.


You’ll have to cross the street for this one. Bacan in castellano means someone that lives without concerns and is lucky enough to have a certain high position in society. Called by some a neobodegón, classic with a twist, such as the pasta filled with ossobuco. They have a very good brunch with pastries, like cinnamon rolls, granola with yogurt, eggs and salmon.

Photo by Bacán

Located in Avenida Caseros 499.

La Popular

La popular is the place in football – futbol- stadiums that the fans of every class go to. It is also named after the idols, the traditions, a bit of magic, and the gestures of good luck. Memories of glory, of better times. So just as the name says, La Popular in Caseros Ave. is a bit nostalgic. One can see it in the menu, with dishes like milanesa with french fries the size of your face, or one can see it –and mostly notice the nostalgia- in the decoration and feel of the space. Drawings of fan’s faces in the ceiling, neon and colorful lights, photos, posters and many other items give it the name that multitudes have chanted.

La Popular by Olivia Najt

Av. Caseros 500, San Telmo, Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

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Olivia Najt

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