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The Sémillon grape variety produces delicious white wines –among them, the most famous dessert wines in the world– coming from the Bordeaux region in France. This is actually the most grown white wine grape variety in this French region, from where it is native. The main Sémillon grape variety producers in the world are Argentina (the best growing conditions are found in Patagonia), Chile and California (where it is usually blended with the Sauvignon Blanc), although it is also planted in Australia and South Africa. In Chile, it reached 75% of the grape production back in the 1950s. It is a stock easy to grow, since it is resistant to diseases and ripens soon. It is not only used for dessert wines, but also for producing sherry, brandy and dry white wines. It has a yellow-greenish colour with golden reflections, honey and apple aromas and, sometimes, with mineral and earthy notes and a slightly heavy mouth. When it spends some time in an oak barrel, it also has banana and toasted bread aromas. By means of Argento’s blog, The Real Argentina, discover the qualities that make Sémillon wines different from other white wines. You will also know what some of the best Argentine sommeliers think about this variety and about its results when bottled. Besides, you will also see by yourself the foods that are better paired with these wines. The Sémillon wines combine with grilled fish –grilled salmon–, with chicken with fine herbs, with pasta with spinach and, of course, with desserts and starters. In order to better appreciate its nuances, Sémillon wines are recommended to be served at a temperature between 10 and 12 degrees.

The Best Wine Bars in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is awash with great places to sample a fantastic spread of Argentina’s wines. And while there is nothing quite like touring the far-flung vineyards of Mendoza and elsewhere to really get a sense of why the wines taste the way they do, back in the capital you can immerse yourself in a wealth of choice at a growing number of superb wine-focused bars and restaurants.

June 20th, 2011