It is different to both the bank and the library in that it is not classically Brutalist in style, edging closer to Postmodernism than usual for Testa. One similarity is the vertical emphasis on the facade, which is achieved by revealing the structure externally. Protruding white columns run the height of the building, creating an architectural rhythm and contrasting with the round windows. Another similarity is the white escape stairs at the end, the function of which is clearly stated in it’s appearance, as is the case with the stair core in the library.



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Sorcha O'Higgins

Sorcha O'Higgins

An architect in her former life, Sorcha tired of building houses after 4 years working in London and decided instead to build a new life in South America. Armed with no Spanish, an unpronounceable Irish name and a passion for the unknown, she landed in Argentina in mid-2013 after a failed romance with Mexico, and hasn't looked back since. She now spends her days dissecting her life with a pen by writing for various blogs, savouring the flatness of the city on her cruiser bike and spreading the good word of graffiti by giving street art tours.

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