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Please, note the features of the Sauvignon white wine grape variety, also known as Sauvignon Blanc. It is native to the Bordeaux wine region in France and its cultivation has been spread all around the world since it is a cold-resistant grape. The main producing country is still France but the Sauvignon Blanc can also be found in Spain, Italy, South Africa (where it is a trendy wine) and Argentina. As it adapts to high cold areas very well, the Sauvignon Blanc has an important production area in Argentina. By means of Argento’s blog, The Real Argentina, discover the reasons why these white wines are becoming increasingly popular. Get to know the restaurants, bars and wineries where you will be delighted by their flavour and aromas and where you will find out some clues for a perfect pairing. Our simple guide will give you some tips in order for you to choose the perfect menu to go with your Sauvignon wine. For example, its sour and refreshing flavour perfectly combines with salads and low fatty fish –such as hake or sole. Discover what some of the best sommeliers think about Sauvignon Blanc wines too. Sauvignon Blanc wines stand out for their freshness and fruity flavour, what turn them into the perfect drink for hot days. Besides, they have a characteristic yellow colour with green hints and leave remarkable citrus notes in the palate. The optimal temperature for a Sauvignon Blanc wine to be served ranges between 8 and 10 degrees.

Argento’s Twelve Wines of Christmas

This December, we are counting down our Twelve Wines of Christmas with a new wine every weekday from December 6th to 21st. Feel free to sing along! “On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…”

December 21st, 2012

Argentina’s Sauvignon Blanc – Could It Be a Contender?

New Zealand’s Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc – a wine described as a “bungee jump into a gooseberry bush”, celebrates its 25th birthday this year. The country’s most iconic wine managed to kick-start the great Kiwi invasion of the wine shelves and in doing so helped launch a whole new generation of intense, grassy, nettle-scented Sauvignons.

Yet for all its popularity, it is just one style of this mouth-watering wine. For those who have grown tired of nettles and gooseberries, or who simply want to explore what else this versatile grape can offer, a trip to Argentina could well be an eye-opener.

August 25th, 2010