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The Pinot Noir red wines are among the most famous wines in the world, thanks to their smoothness, elegance and flavour; they are even a wonder for senses when drunk alone. They are elaborated from the Pinot Noir stock, native to the Burgundy wine region in France. There, it is still so important that Pinot Noir wines be linked to Burgundy wines and vice versa. It is a grape very sensitive to climatic conditions and the ground, that is the reason why it is not grown in the whole world. Some of the countries that produce this variety are Spain, Italy (where it is called Pinot Nero), Germany (where it is the most planted variety), Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Argentina. Besides, the most appreciated wines by sommeliers usually come from Chile. The stock arrived in Argentina in the 20th century. It was first grown in the Comahue region. By means of Argento’s blog, The Real Argentina, discover the qualities that have turned the Pinot Noir into the king of red wines. Discover also the restaurants, bars and wineries where you can enjoy its flavour and aromas, as well as the dishes that are better paired with it if you decide to drink it with food. In this sense, the traditional Argentine roast, chicken and turkey meat and any seasoned dish –for example, rice with saffron– are perfectly paired with Pinot Noir wines. Its colour is lighter than other red wines, it is full-medium bodied and, among its aromas, red fruit essences must be highlighted –apart from the local features granted by every vineyard. The optimal temperature for a Pinot Noir wine glass to be served is 14 degrees. This variety is also used to produce rosé varietal wines, mainly in the Alsace region in France, and sparkling wines –as it is common in Champagne.

The New Wave of Wine from Argentina

Vines and Roses – Photograph by Andrew Catchpole

One of the most fascinating and compelling reasons for diving into the treasure trove of New World wines lies not just in the drum-roll of longer established flagship varieties and styles, but also with the emerging stars awaiting discovery.

May 10th, 2011

A Taste of Terroir: Argentina’s Diverse Wines & Wine Regions

Travelling through Argentina’s vast and beguiling landscapes leaves no doubt as to the incredible variety and contrasts found in this country’s wine regions. From the dizzying heights of northerly Salta, to the wind-swept southerly climes of Patagonia, experience Argentina’s terroir.

February 11th, 2011

On the trail of Patagonia’s Pinot Noir

Most wine lovers will have munched on meat and Malbec and tangoed with Torrontés and summery fare but Argentina’s wines offer many other food-friendly temptations besides. And one of the most exciting finds is Argentine Pinot Noir.

January 19th, 2011