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The Pine Forest Beach of Carilo

When porteños need to escape the city smog, they head to Cariló, Argentina’s ‘green sand dune’ (its meaning in the Mapuche language). Breezy and easy to get to, Cariló is a top Argentina travel destination and the country’s most exclusive summer resort, a green lung which is a small slice of paradise: a pine forest next to the beach.

September 19th, 2011

Barrio Palermo: A Guide to Buenos Aires’ Hippest Neighbourhood

Bosques de Palermo

It’s green, has loads of great restaurants, and you can shop, dine and be merry alfresco pretty much 24/7. With its tree-lined streets you can see why Palermo is labelled the Paris of South America and Buenos Aires’ answer to New York’s Soho

February 9th, 2011