Foto Ruta’s Top Alternative Photography Locations in Buenos Aires

Foto Ruta's Top Alternative Photography Locations in Buenos Aires

Today we are happy to have a guest post from the team at Foto Ruta. Enjoy!

At Foto Ruta we maintain that Buenos Aires is one of the world’s top photography locations. The combination of open and friendly people, accessible locations and rich culture, makes the city a photographer’s dream.

Buenos Aires

However, its the wonderfully diverse neighbourhoods that Argentina’s capital offers up, all within a tiny area, that make it that extra bit special. If you’re looking for refined romantic Parisian style architecture, head to Recoleta. If you’re looking for the gritty cultural melting pot that defines many of Latin America’s capitals, walk ten blocks and you’ll be smothered in the intense sights and smells of Once. At Foto Ruta we try to encourage our participants to explore as many of Buenos Aires’ less touristy but just as inspiring neighbourhoods as they can. Here is a pick of some of our favourites.



A traditionally Jewish neighbourhood offers some of the best photography opportunities in Buenos Aires. Packed with some of Buenos Aires’ most interesting and racially diverse inhabitants alongside streets dedicated to selling mobile phones, another to underwear and another to doctor’s outfits. Once has it all. It has a reputation for being unsafe, especially at night, so we recommend only shooting in the day and being particularly aware of your surroundings whilst doing so.

Great for shooting: Colour, portraits, gritty urban street photography

Parque Lezama

Parque Lezama

Most visitors to San Telmo don’t venture beyond Defensa and Ave San Juan. What they don’t realise is they’re missing out on one of the neighbourhood’s richest photography locations. A far cry from the cobbled streets and Latin architecture of central San Telmo, Lezama, said to be the first landing point and place where Buenos Aires was founded, offers up statues, park life, a fantastically colorful flea market and some impressive trees and plant life.

Great for shooting: People, still life, colour, botanical



Close by to Once and famous for its Abasto Shopping centre (built in 1893), Abasto is a real Buenos Aires barrio. It’s one of the true homes of tango and was once home to Carlos Gardel. Full to the brim with local parillas, confiterias, street art and one of BA’s most famous music venues the Konex, makes Abasto a great place to capture day the day to day hustle and bustle of the city.

Great for shooting: Culture, street life, street art, food

Parque de la Memoria

Often one of the first stops on our Foto Ruta Academia tours, Parque de la memoria was build to commemorate victims of state terrorism and specifically Argentina’s desparecidos. It’s a beautifully melancholy and desolate location on the edge of the Rio de la Plata, that offers up incredible perspective, angles and minimialist photography opportunities.

Great for shooting: Perspective, black and white, angles and lines

Barrio Chino

Barrio Chino

Buenos Aires’ Chinese quarter is small in comparison with other major international cities, but it’s still worth checking out. The Chinese supermarkets are generally quite accessible and full of weird fish, unidentifiable meat and jars of strage concoctions.

Great for shooting: Still life, people, colour


Aside from the impressive Congreso building, the surrounding area is a dream to photograph. The Plaza Congreso is surrounded by awe inspiring architecture, green spaces full of retro fairground rides, fountains and statues. The area is also home to Buenos Aires’ original skyscraper, the Palacio Barolo, and one of Foto Ruta’s favorite buildings, the old haunted-looking Confiteria on Callao y Rivadavia.

Great for shooting: Architecture, street life and perspective

Foto Ruta run photography experiences and tours in Buenos Aires that offer a new perspective on the city. From Foto Ruta photography treasure hunts that take place every Tuesday and Saturday at 14.00 to full and half day photography tours and Academia workshops every Wednesday. For more information email [email protected]

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