Favorite Buenos Aires Hotels – The Best Places to Stay in Palermo

Mine Hotel Buenos Aires Reception

Here’s a quick round-up (plus see the map below) of my five favorite hotels in the Palermo district of Buenos Aires — all of them are absolutely great places to stay!

Home Hotel
The most famous and sought-after boutique hotel in BA, so popular it’s almost impossible to get a reservation. The cancellation policy is crazy, so go for a drink — the cocktails by the pool are great!
Honduras 5860, Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Home Hotel Buenos Aires Garden Pool

Craft Hotel
Simple and stylish with a clean and relaxing atmosphere. Very friendly staff and in a great location on Plaza Armenia.
Nicaragua 4583, Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Craft Hotel Patio Buenos Aires
Image courtesy of Joel Mann via Flickr

Five Cool Rooms
I have stayed here often, and I will likely return again. It’s very simple and the price is good, with a nice roof terrace in an outstanding location and very good service.
Honduras 4742, Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Five Cool Rooms Hotel Buenos Aires

Mine Hotel
In a great location with stylishly appointed rooms and it has a pool.
Gorriti 4770, Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mine Hotel Buenos Aires Reception

Legado Mitico
The most upmarket and beautifully decked out hotel in Palermo.
Gurruchaga 1848, Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Legado Mitico Buenos Aires Hotel Library

Atempo Design Hotel
Recently opened and uber-chic design hotel in Palermo Hollywood with loft-style suites and studios. The reasonable rates include all the amenities you could want, including access to the bar, winter garden, solarium with pool, and spa.
1564 Arevalo St., Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Atempo Design Hotel Palermo Buenos Aires Argentina

My favorite hotel map of Palermo, Buenos Aires:

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Amelia Nolan

Amelia Nolan

Amelia Nolan is a contributor to The Real Argentina and Managing Director of The Argento Wine Company. Find out more about Argento at www.argentowine.com.

4 responses to “Favorite Buenos Aires Hotels – The Best Places to Stay in Palermo

  1. riderhelles says:

    I see the pictures of the different themes of the hotels . According to me it is a great change for the people who like to live in the different situation .

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  2. I can know from the hotel pictures that that hotel is very luxurious. The photo images are so clear and creates curiosity to live at the place. It is the actual thing that i am looking for. Thanks for sharing such a great article with us.

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  3. aurelia says:

    Those are great hotels in Buenos Aires. Did you this one that just opened? Palo Santo Hotel Buenos Aires.
    It is a green hotel in Palermo.

  4. George Jones says:

    I was in The Glu Hotel. Excellent attention and a great place http://goo.gl/qzKdCn

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