Events in Argentina: June and July 2011

Discounting the International Exhibition of Glass and Aluminium Solutions and McFly at the Trastienda (otherwise one of the city’s best venues), June and July 2011 are ripe months for cultural and sporting events. The weather begins to get a bit chilly, and thoughts of museums, galleries and cultural events take over from beaches, barbecues and mate in the park.

There are a couple of good websites worth checking out for other shows. What’s Up Buenos Aires highlights more underground activities, while the website of the Government of Buenos Aires is excellent. But here’s our guide to the highlights.

Emergente Music Festival | June 16-20, 2011

Now in its fourth year, the Festival Ciudad Emergente will see more than 130,000 visitors to the expansive Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, to see a range of art from young people. Graffiti, animation, poetry, film, fashion and digital pieces are all on show throughout the five-day free festival.

Alongside art and film at the Centro Cultural Recoleta, more than 50 bands from the new wave of Argentinian rock and pop as well as international artists. In previous years, bands such as Onda Vaga, bombastic electronic artists Bicicletas and hardcore hip hop band Clan Oculto played.

Copa America Argentina | July 1-24

For Argentina there is only one thing that is sweeter than beating England: thrashing Brazil. There may have been no wars and no sneaky handballs. But for Argentines, the ‘clásico’ against Brazil is more important than any game against England. There has been little trouble between the fan groups. Instead, Argentina and Brazil are united by something else: actually being good at football.

This is a rivalry based on ‘which team is the best in the world’, plus a bit of local banter – but not bad blood. The rivals will meet in Argentina in July as the Copa America comes to Argentina. Maradona remains the coach of Argentina, despite a poor performance during the World Cup. Yet, it’s still an utterly mouth-watering experience. Argentina and Brazil are in different groups, but both are likely to meet in the quarter or semi finals. Argentina kick off against Bolivia on July 1. It will be shown on ESPN in the UK.

Copa America
Photo by Phil Whitehouse on Flickr

Fuerza Bruta | June 17

If an Argentina football game is one of the most visceral experiences in sport, then shows by the Fuerza Bruta company are the most visceral experiences in theatre. It’s almost impossible to explain the joy of these athletic performers leaping, splashing, swinging and dancing above your very eyes. Just have a look at these YouTube clips. Astonishing.

It started in Argentina, but has since toured the world gaining five-star reviews in New York, London and Paris. Now they’re back, playing in Luna Park in Buenos Aires on the weekend of June 17.

La Rural | July 14-26

There is no other show like Exposición Rural – known as La Rural – a two-week festival of all things agricultural. OK, so the combine harvester show may not sound too exciting, but there is a huge range of activities and exhibitions. You’ll see Argentina’s finest cows, and the cleanest sheep you have ever seen. If you don’t have time to get out into the country, then make it to this. In fact, go anyway. This is a festival of the gaucho. And gauchos like to party. Unmissable.

Teatro Colón

After all the controversy of the years of refurbishment, one of the world’s finest concert venues, the Teatro Colón, has surpassed expectations. May marks the beginning of a new six-month cycle of concerts by La Orquesta Filarmónica de Buenos Aires. There’s a show every week, usually on a Wednesday. There are, however, a host of other events in June and July: Le Grand Macabre Libretto continues its run until August 4, and Puccini’s Il Trittico runs between June 7 to June 19.

Teatro Colon
Photo by Beatrice Murch on Flickr

Cuisine & Vins | June 8-10

Having first-hand experience of the Cuisine & Vins wine exposition, I can heartily recommend it. I think it was good, anyway. The best wineries from across Argentina descend on to the Palacio Paz for three days of ingesting and imbibing. There’s a range of guided wine tastings and the chance to try some of Argentina’s finest food.

Have you got any favourites I’ve missed out? Leave a comment below.

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